Best Sativa Cannabis Seeds

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Sativa Crop King Strain

Perhaps the most ancient available variant of this plant is Sativa. However, it is not so: it is the first subspecies of cannabinoid that people have started to use for all sorts of purposes: ritual, medical or industrial application. The exact time of the first interaction between cannabis and human is unknown, but we can confidently state that Herodotus described the customs of the Scythian tribes associated with the psychoactive properties of this extraordinary plant. It’s funny that it is almost endemic to its original habitat by nature, but thanks to very close cooperation with humanity, this plant is now spread almost throughout the world. Sativa and Indica come from Central Asia, and more precisely, from South one. But still its “place of birth” is located just to the North. Nowadays, this area is primarily the possessions of Kazakhstan, and partially the other southern republics. Now the seeds of sorts based on this part of the family of hemp are very common and popular. Sativa prevailing hybrids with a small piece of the action of Indica are also quite common. This section of our store proposes you to buy sativa cannabis seeds. The price depends on the fact whether the seeds were subjected to the procedure of feminization, whether they belong to the sort with autoflowering property, and personal characteristics of the strain.

The effect of Sativa using

Sativa delivers a sublime, energetic effect, which is largely cerebral than physical. So it’s perfect for daytime use. The so-called high effect stimulates the brain in a creative way and provokes the emergence of new ideas, motivating creativity.


  • A sense of well being and lightness
  • The elevation of mood and thought processes
  • Invigorates and stimulates creativity
  • Helps to focus
  • Struggles with depression and other psychological disorders

Based on these facts, we can conclude that this is an amazing type of cannabis that is surely worth a try. It is not a problem even for a novice Internet user to buy sativa cannabis seeds. Furthermore, confidence will be given by superior genetics, which is inherent in the seeds of sativa; the price for them will be an additional pleasant moment.