Best Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Feminized Crop King Strain

Feminized cannabis seeds have long had strong positions on the market of cannabis. At the moment, the seeds of almost any sort have feminized version. They differ from the regular ones in that they contain the minimum amount of man’s chromosomes. It means that in 99 cases out of 100, they’ll sprout as feminized plants. Our website offers a wide selection so that every grower can find the perfect option. So why should you buy feminized cannabis seeds? They were made to get sensimilla, the unpollinated cannabis seeds, which are often much larger than the common ones, and contain a limit of cannabinoids. By the end of flowering, the unpollinated feminized plants start to actively increase and produce more resin to attract the attention of male plants and continue the family. The price of feminized cannabis seeds are a bit higher, but they’re paying off during the harvest.

The common or regular seeds, are resulted from the natural process of pollination of female plants with the male ones. They sprout as the plants of both genders in an equal ratio, and one can’t determine the result in advance. In this case, for cultivation you’ll have to grow the higher amount of seeds to separate the seeds of one sort from the other. Using the feminized seeds, the grower decides how many plants he/she needs, and grow the same amount of seeds. In the Internet you can often find a formulation “feminized cannabis seeds”. However, it’s not correct, as the term “feminization” can belong only to the seeds cultures.

Cannabis is genetically designed to grow the reproductive organs of both genders at once, which is very important for the survival of species, and can be observed not only in the flora. To get females, the breeders must take the female seeds and pollinate them with the dust, taken from the hermaphroditic species. After that, the pollinated species create feminized cannabis seeds. The shop offers only the proven products from the best manufacturers. You can be 100% sure that you’ll get excellent plants, whose quality is very commendable.